Our Story

We are pretty sure our love for beautiful clothing is genetic. This female-run, family enterprise was founded in 2019 by three Filipina cousins with one dream - to craft and curate sustainable fashion.

Marly Zastrow

“My career as a fashion designer always has me contemplating our industry’s effects on the environment and people of the world. I’ve been yearning to do more for our world, but still be able to incorporate my love for design and style. Ukay LA has done just that - I feel good and excited about creating beautiful and meaningful clothes that don’t cause any harm, and help people to re-think the way they approach shopping.”

Camille Rustia

“Halloween was always an exercise in tearing through my closet looking for something that could be turned into a costume since we definitely didn’t grow up in the type of house where we bought them off-the-rack.  I remember my mom magically turning my sister into a palm tree one year because we had green felt scraps left over from the previous year’s Christmas craft. I thought we were just being frugal, but it turns out that my mom was ahead of her time (per usual) and it was eco friendly!  After years in corporate America, first as a journalist at CNN and later as an attorney and entertainment executive, I fell off the sustainability wagon. In 2019, I was traumatized (in a good way) by the documentary, The True Cost.  Inspired to break the cycle of fast fashion after learning about the environmental waste and poor working conditions caused by low-priced, trendy clothes, we founded Ukay LA.  I know from first hand experience that you don’t have to sacrifice style by shopping sustainably. We hope you love this eclectic mix of vintage and upcycled designs that will make you look great and feel good.” 

Chrislynn VanSkiver

“Although I am a West Coast native, raised in Huntington Beach, California, my sister and I are first generation Filipinas, so we grew up with a mixed sense of identity. A little bit of rocker, a mix of hippie, a whole lot of Catholic school girl, and a strong island vibe. And if you are thinking why in the world is this gal relating her heritage with fashion themes…well that’s what makes me who I am! If you know me, my sister or any of our cousins you know that everything occasion has themed outfits – birthdays (this year will be a GLOW themed pub crawl), weddings (sometimes boho, sometimes red carpet glam), and all holidays.  Family time is always filled with food and fashion. That’s what has fueled the creation of Ukay LA. It’s a way for us to live our dreams, spend time with each other, and give back to others and Mother Earth. I hope you enjoy shopping with us!”